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Seth Godin’s 100-Hour Asset!

10 Jul 2020

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Have you often found yourself thinking about picking up a side hustle? Or maybe just wondering what to do with the extra time you sometimes seem to have on hand?

Here’s our take on what could be the ultimate solution!

Introducing – The 100 Hour Asset

The 100-hour asset, as proposed by Seth Godin, explains that if we could invest a meager 100 hours towards anything, we could get pretty darn good at it! 

The idea is to choose a skill that will give you some form of benefit, either personal or professional. How much you benefit will vary. But the key lies in the amount of time you invest in the learning process. If you can set aside about 100 hours to learn something new, you are bound to pick it up. It could be learning to play a new instrument, build a proper website, maybe data science, or a particularly difficult software, etc. It could be anything! And once you learn a new skill, you will find that the opportunities are suddenly endless!

As Seth Godin rightly said, “There’s huge pressure to fit in, but plenty of benefits if you invest the time and stand out instead.”

Using this concept, along with Parkinson’s law and The Pareto Principle, is the ultimate combination! You’ll be surprised as to how good you can get with just a 100-hours. 

Seth Godin is a former business executive, who is now an award-winning author and founder of the educational/motivational platform- Akimbo. The 100-hour asset is a concept he brought forward through his influential blog called Seth’s blog.

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