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3- Side Hustles to earn over Rs. 35,000 Per Month

11 Mar 2020

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A side hustle is something you could do apart from what you regularly do, like going to college or punching into your new 9-5 job. They are 100% certified AWESOME! Here is why:

  1. Extra money! Apart from your pocket money or salary. Pretty cool, right?
  2. You could get away with spending only a couple of hours on it.
  3. You’d learn a new skill! And it is achievable, so everyone can do it
  4. You could discover a hidden passion for it and make it your full-time gig!

Here are 3-side hustles earn over Rs. 35,000 per month:

1.) Build a website

Build Website  

Building a website is not as complicated as one thinks it is. In 2020 you don’t even have to know how to code to build one! It’s as simple as following instructions from a video or on a site like WIX or WordPress! Why build one? It can be a great showcase of work, it could be a blog, a portfolio for art even. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it. You can create them for friends, family and even small businesses for a small fee!

Or watch how to do it -> Youtube video on how to build a website.

2.) Social Media Marketing: Facebook and Instagram

Social Media Marketing

Don’t you just love social media? Everyone does! In 2020, brands are getting woke! They are using memes to leverage their presence in the minds of their customers. You could learn to use your love for all things social media and turn it into a ‘Digital Marketing’ gig and what’s more? Google certification! Which is a legit skill to have!

Get certified ->Google certification on digital marketing

The how-to -> Digital marketing guide! 

How to start at the bottom ->Youtube video on digital marketing for beginners

3.) Become a Tutor

Become a Tutor

Now, this is the easiest of the three! You could start by selecting a subject you’re good at and then offer to tutor your classmates, juniors or even online! They’d be super stoked and you’d also make friends and get them to get their friends to attend as well.

You can start by registering on a few online websites like Vedantu.

And this-> How to find online tutoring jobs in India

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