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TV Shows You Can Watch To Learn About Finance

24 Jun 2020

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1. Shark Tank

This American business television series is a wholesome finance-based show that began in 2009. The show is hosted by notable business moguls such as Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec. The show involves several entrepreneurs bringing their best business idea and presenting them to these sharks. The sharks then give their honest thoughts and feedback, and if lucky, they accept and invest in the business idea proposed!

Shark Tank is also a highly entertaining show in its own way! You can learn from others’ mistakes and also soak in a whole lot of good and bad criticism which teaches us a lot about finances and business. It is especially beneficial for new and upcoming entrepreneurs.

2. Dirty Money

Dirty Money is a Netflix original show that explores several financial concepts and consumer issues. It uncovers the thrilling stories behind cases of corporate corruption, securities fraud, and creative accounting. This six-part series is something you have to watch to know about some of the most famous cases in that thronged the financial world.

Apart from detailed interviews and in-depth background research that expose giant corporations, the show also demystifies complex topics about money, with clear explanations. The investigative tone makes the series completely binge-worthy and informative!

3. The Succession

A satirical comedy show starring Jesse Armstrong is a great show about the hospitality and media industry. The show revolves around the dysfunctional family who runs a business empire, who are fighting for the company’s rights after the head steps down. The events that ensue are portrayed hilariously.

The Succession, although a satire, provides important money lessons. It tells us how decisions should and shouldn’t be made in family businesses. It also brings out the significance of logic, trust, and loyalty in business and finance. Watch the show for a good laugh while getting to gather some interesting information about business decisions!

4. Billions

Billions is a fictional and ambitious drama series about a fund manager and his life. Set in New York’s financial district, the show discusses everything from power politics to finance engagingly. The show captures how the protagonist, played by Damien Lewis, uses dirty tricks, power, and influences to build wealth and more power in the finance world.

Billions is a must-watch if you are interested in learning about investing, corporate competition, and some legal insights involved in running a business. The show is a fun watch with witty dialogues and an interesting plot. It is ideal for those who love a fast-paced drama that keeps you on edge!

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