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The “HELL YEAH!” or NO Rule

3 Jul 2020

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The “HELL YEAH!” or NO Rule

Have you seen the memes where one describes how they agree to be a part of a plan ‘just because,’ and later when it’s time to go, they absolutely don’t want to?

We’ve all been there and done that.

But here is a simple solution to this common problem, brought to us by Derek Sivers. Sivers is the founder of and the author of the book “Anything You Want,” which tells us:

If you’re not saying “HELL YEAH!” about something, say NO.

This simple rule means that if you find yourself thinking hard about what you are about to do or say yes to, then you shouldn’t do it at all. Only do the things which make you want to say, “Hell yeah!” right away! This will not just keep you stress-free, but it also opens up doors for you to say yes to many other things you REALLY want to do!

For instance, say your friend asks you if you want to go watch a movie on Saturday. You aren’t too sure or excited about it, but you say yes anyway. A day later, your cousin might invite you to go hiking on Saturday as well! And you love hiking! But you’re forced to say no because you already agreed to accompany your friend. Not only do you lose the chance to do something you love doing, but also you will perhaps end up spending more money at the movie hall! Talk about a lost opportunity!

Thus, remember if it isn’t a “HELL YEAH!” then it’s a NO!

How does this apply to finances?

Most of our financial problems arise, not because we don’t make enough money, but because we have a problem managing the money we make.

The truth is, the Sivers rule offers a great way to control and manage your wealth! Apply the rule when any situation involving money arises. For example, when you are tempted to make a purchase, think about whether it’s a “HELL YES”! If you feel unsure, then the ideal thing to do is consider it a no. This way, we will learn to cut down our impulse buying and spending habits. The rule can, therefore, be applied to most of your money-related scenarios.

The rule helps you make wiser and more fruitful financial decisions!

What do we conclude from this?

We often underestimate how much of our money actually is spent on unnecessary things and experiences. Though it is okay to splurge occasionally, most of our money is actually spent on the things even we don’t really want. Take a look at your past expenses, and you will most definitely find some examples that prove the same!

The “Hell Yeah!” Or No rule might seem a little too black and white sometimes, but the key here is that – when you say no to one impulse buy, you just multiplied your savings! The money and time saved will, in turn, let you do something that will add value to your life. It doesn’t just set you free in terms of money, but it also frees you from obligations that will give you more time to work towards your own individual goals!

Follow Derek Sivers little piece of advice and find yourself saying, “HELL YEAH!” to a stable and happy life!

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