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Investing with Roundups

We invest your money in a Liquid Fund. The fund is managed by ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund.

You can expect a return of 6-7.5% from a liquid fund. Liquid funds are among the least risky type of mutual funds. They are considered as low-risk low return funds.

As of now, No. But we have other options in our roadmap. You'll have access to them soon.

We have financial advisors on board who help us decide on these products.

Absolutely. The reason why we call this fund a liquid fund is because of ease in liquidity. You can redeem the amount with the click of a button. We will credit this amount to you in 1-2 working days.

No. You don't get charged.

Apart from that, mutual funds charge what is known as an exit load if you quickly redeem your money. In Roundups, the exit load is 0% if you redeem your money after 7 days of investment.

Liquid Funds can be used for two things:

(i) Short-term goals: If you're looking to save for a trip, laptop, mobile phone, or any short term expense, liquids funds are a great place to invest your money.

(ii) Emergency Funds: You can start saving for your emergency fund in a liquid fund. An emergency fund should generally contain 3-6 months of your expenses.
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How to start Rounding-up

You'll need your PAN card, driving license, and a canceled cheque for this process. Towards the end, you'll have to invest Rs. 100 to create your investment account.

Don't Worry! You can redeem this Rs. 100 later!

Click on the Roundups Circle and then invest. The app will automatically throw an alert asking you to create a mandate.

But what is an e-mandate? An e-mandate is an instruction you provide to your bank, allowing it to debit the mentioned amount automatically.

An e-mandate will help you simplify your payment process. Every time you make investments, you'll skip the hassle of putting in your net-banking details/ OTP.

Don't Worry! You can redeem this Rs. 100 later!

After you're done with your KYC and e-mandate, you can start investing your spare change.

Now, whenever you make a transaction, the spare change will be shown on your phone. You'll have to then approve the transaction.
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About the process

Yes, it is a regulatory requirement by the SEBI before investing in Mutual Funds. You can only invest once you're KYC verified.

We create your investment account in ICICI Prudential with this amount. This amount is entirely redeemable. This is a mandatory process to invest with ICICI - post which, you can invest as little as Re. 1.

When you create an e-mandate, you set up an auto-debit instruction from your account. You prevent yourself from the hassle of entering the net banking details and OTP verification every time you invest.

When you create a mandate for up to Rs. 50,000, you will not have to enter your banking details until you invest that amount — post which, you'll have to create a mandate again.
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Product Features

Whenever you make a transaction, you receive an SMS of confirmation on your phone. We read that SMS to calculate how much you've spent. This amount will then be rounded up and shown to you on your app.

No. You have to approve the transaction every time you make a purchase. Only the transactions you wish to approve will be invested. You can also increase and decrease the amount you want to invest.

Note: We are working on automatic roundups, and we will release it in our next update.

You can make your roundups more powerful by using a multiplier of 2x, 3x, 4x, or 10x.

For example, if you spend Rs. 90, you roundups Rs. 10 by default. Whereas, if you choose a multiplier of 3x, we multiply the roundups with the multiplier(3) and invest Rs. 30 in the mutual fund.

Your default multiplier will be 1x. When you choose a multiplier it is applied to all your transactions.

Yes, we have recurring and one-time investments.

(i) Recurring Investments: Also known as SIP investing. This is a plan to invest a fixed amount of money every month at a set date for a defined period.

For example, You can invest Rs. 100 on the 5th of every month for the next 12 months. Your money will be automatically deducted on the 5th of every month.

(ii) One-Time Investments: You can invest a lump-sum through this method.

For example, if you receive a bonus of Rs. 5000 and if you want to invest the money. You can use a onetime investment and invest it in one shot.

On our past, present, and future screen you can find details of your total investments, total gain/loss, total amount withdrawn and more.
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Safety and Security

Yes, we are regulated by SEBI and are licensed by AMFI as mutual fund distributors with the ARN number 171646.

No, all your money is directly transferred to the mutual fund house. We never touch your money and you can verify this with our mutual fund partners. Moreover, you will also receive emails and SMS from ICICI confirming your investment.

Don't worry! We don't handle any of your money directly. Your investments get routed to the AMC directly. So, even if we shut, your investments are safe.

Absolutely not. We understand how important privacy is, and we'd respect that.

We have a bunch of other products in our roadmap. Those features will not be free.