Track, Manage, Save and Get Organized.
Roundups is all you need— in one tool.

Personal finance is for everyone. Not just for the tech-savvy, the geniuses, or the maths whizz, certainly not just for “adults”. That’s why we designed our app to suit anyone or rather everyone. With Roundups, managing money is as simple as buying an ice cream of your choice from the nearest supermarket. You can basically do it whenever, wherever, and however you like!

Financial freedom can now be
yours forever!

Set Personalised Goals

Choose what you want to save for and we’ll help you achieve it all


Freedom from Debts


That Thing I Want


That Thing I Want


That Thing I Want


Rain Day


Take a Trip

Make your own rules

Lay your own conditions for yourself
and we’ll enable you to stick to them


Roundup my spare change to the nearest 100, multiplying by 1x and save it for me everytime I spend money.

Save before you spend

Invest ₹500 every time ₹1000 or more is credited to my account for 4 weeks

Control Thy Desire

Invest ₹100 this week and increase this by ₹25 every coming week for 8 weeks

Set & Forget

Save 100 every month for the next 6 months


Invest ₹100 this week and increase this by ₹25 every coming week for 8 weeks

A Budget that Gives
You Real Results

Setup a budget, automatically monitor your spending, and stay on track with your goals. We'll notify you when you go over budget and help you get back on track.

Get personalized

Supercharge your finances with
our Robo-advisors.

Bringing together the best, for the best.

Create a Budget

Your budget should work for you! Budgeting with us is flexible and custom-fit to your priorities, not the other way around. Adjust anytime: No guilt. Not only expected, but encouraged.

Stay on Track

Know where your money is going, from essential expenses to occasional splurges. Uncover hidden subscriptions to make sure you’re not paying for things you don’t need.

Achieve your Saving Goals

Create funds for emergencies, big purchases, Christmas, vacations, jet skis, anything you want to save up for and know that we are here to help you meet your targets.

Get Personalized Insights

Use insights to maximize your savings, optimize your spending, and reach your goals faster.

Creating a safe space, for you
and your money.

Ensuring maximum safety through

SSL Encription

Bank-level security

Two Factor Authentication

We know that we’re responsible for the hard-earned money you entrust upon us. So we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure it’s safe and sound. A happy customer is a motivated one too!

Still unsure?
Ask these trusted sources, who also happen
to be our partners.

Philip Barrar



Technology Partner



Or the 10,000+ customers who've
successfully started their financial
journey with us.

“I really liked the concept of the app, and the app turned out to be quite helpful. I saved almost 2K in one month, which I would’ve just spent otherwise.”

- Kushal Jain

“Best app and best team ever I had seen.. If you have any query just chat with them on whatsapp they will help you out and very polite team and they will hear your minute query and try to solve it asap.. Kudos to you guys.. I would say must download the app”

- Monty Shah

Great app! Great concept! UI is also very intuitive. Had a few problems with the app but the support team was excellent and resolved my issues asap. Would highly recommend this app to keep up ones financial discipline.

- Taher Shehabi

To begin with, the concept of the app is certainly unique. Investment is known to everyone but to invest from your remaining amount known as roundups. Furthermore, Really well executed app. Mr. Vikram is helpful too if you face any issues. Just a suggestion, team needs to modernize it’s UI/UX of app…

- Surbhi Gupta